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And it also could be that both of you will just feel it at the same time. So she will start feeling jealous when you tell her about that girl you like. It is now clear, love is already here. You keep telling yourselves: No, that is not happening. We are best friends! You pretend as if it is not there, but you both know! You want to revert back, to undo the feelings but who can? You try to stop it; and yet it gets stronger and stronger.

Then comes the big question: A typical example of a relationship that starts with extremely high expectations! You believe you know each other and you have come a long way already! And then I realize I was not alone in that. You too held my hand and walked with me, you were equally into it. But the reality is, it has happened and it hurts a lot, a lot. I have never felt so much pain before, infact, I never thought that somebody can change me so much.

But yes, I have changed and I feel like I am losing all my strength. But life goes on no matter what.

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So I have to pull myself back and have to learn to walk again. Maybe it was all circumstantial, where I got carried away. You are a very nice person, you taught me a lot of things about myself, maybe unknowingly and so I thank you for that. Thank you because I ll probably never feel the same way for anyone else and I ll probably never do the same mistake again.

I still trust you after all this because I know that none of it was your fault and that you are a very good person.

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I know that none of this was intentional and I will get over this someday. But sometimes, I feel the sudden urge to ask you what you were thinking all this while. After ignoring an on and off abdominal pain throughout the year, I finally went to see a doctor only when the pain was enough to take my life. The whispers in the MRI room gave me an indication that all was not well. This taste—and this rigorous curation—has elevated him to demigod status for millions of young people inspired by his creative zeal and obsessed with becoming literate in his unpredictable references and jokes.

To follow Tyler, an artist who evolved from internet-rap class clown and shock jock to art house pop star with a No. Of course, once you are on the zombie-apocalypse team, the real work begins. The chief requirement for being in Tyler's world is having a high tolerance for provocation and negging, and gamely contributing to the exchange of free-associative outbursts, jokes, and insults.

Needling is a professional sport. If you do happen to be wearing the wrong thing but you can sustain the mockery that goes along with it, you've earned yourself some points. For a long time, the general population was legitimately afraid of Tyler, or at least they suspected his message was harmful because they took it at face value. They believed every outburst and aggressive non sequitur was serious. They were scandalized by his skate-rap collective, Odd Future, and horrified by one of their mantras. Corporations were fearful about signing deals with him, and venues were afraid to book him.

He was banned from performing in New Zealand and the U. He only just returned to play London shows this September. Over time, though, Tyler evolved, and so did everyone's perception of him. For one, he overcame the curse of being a viral teen and began making more conceptually ambitious solo music. Odd Future went their separate ways, leaving his audience to meet Tyler on his own terms. He began to upend not just ideas of who he was, but of what a rapper could ostensibly be.

He rapped about his romantic involvement with men—without bothering to stage a coming-out moment—marking a perspective shift for anyone who believed he was homophobic. These days he can be so over-the-top about sleeping with men that it still seems like a joke. Tyler's new album, IGOR, is an impressionistic romp through a fog of stylistic references, and it's sung from the perspective of an alter ego for which Tyler dons a mushroom-cut blond wig and a pantsuit.

It's difficult to be afraid of someone who's chosen to dress like the long-lost black Golden Girl. For anyone still grappling with Tyler's outrageousness, Boyce has a potent, if not especially flattering, metaphor.

The thin line between best friends falling in love

Back in the park in Manhattan, Tyler is barking. He's chosen this place to avoid the undesirable and corny, but they've found him. He's spotted Tyler and is trying to get his attention. Goob-goober incoming. Now, unfortunately, this poor civilian has Tyler's attention. Just in case you ever see another person who makes music, that's the gayest thing ever.

Just don't do it ever again. To be able to recognize Tyler, the Creator, in public is also to be aware that he's a professional antagonist.

Frozen Alive

Tyler returns from the sidewalk and walks toward his friends in disbelief. He's here with his security team, his managers, and a handful of friends, including a gap-toothed model named Erin whom he jokingly declares is his wife. There are also a couple of kids who work at his clothing store in L.

I don't know what their fantasy end result is. Like, okay, you play it, and okay, I hear it. I made the song, and I've heard it a billion times. What would you like to happen? Like: Oh, shit, whattup, bro!

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You fuck with my shit? Tyler never smokes weed, nor does he drink alcohol or consume any other drugs. Here, here's my number.

Now Tyler senses an opportunity for some impromptu stand-up. That was him. Always doing a little too much. And he doesn't have the charisma or charm to, like, get away with saying something. So it's, like, bad taste. All of this agita might suggest that Tyler is chronically dissatisfied, but that's not the case.

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In fact, Tyler is currently at his most peaceful. This has been a milestone year, culminating in an ambitious headlining arena tour. The night before we hung out at the park, he played a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden and moved a record volume of merchandise. The crowd was filled with kids sporting their own homemade IGOR costumes, interspersed with just the right mix of cult celebrities, from the indie filmmaker Josh Safdie to Good Charlotte's Benji Madden to the newly minted year-old tennis star Coco Gauff. And there was Tyler's good friend, the elusive Frank Ocean, out in the wild in the pit.

And thousands of Gen-Z fans, along with Tyler himself, looked like they were having the best night of their lives. One of Tyler's most loyal disciples, Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Pinkett, opened for him and performed a set that was essentially a Tyler tribute and a testament to the sheer force of his influence. After the show, a group of about 30 people went to a late-night dinner at a fancy restaurant.

BIRTH TO DEATH: Best Friends FOREVER? - Sims 4 Story

At some point, after midnight, Tyler sneaked off with his security guard, an imposing but extraordinarily good-natured man.