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Read "Queen of Coffins" by Jill Zeller available from Rakuten Kobo. She abandoned her daughter and got marooned in the future. The tarot cards put her there.
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The various spirits and deities depicted on each of the elements were meant to provide Tamutnefret with magical protection for safe survival in the afterlife. They are in perfect condition, and are entirely characteristic of funerary groups found from the early Ramessid period, notably the 19th Dynasty.

More Than 20 Ancient Egyptian Coffins in Pristine Condition Have Just Been Uncovered

Tamutnefret is depicted on the coffin covers wearing a heavy wig, with gilded strips on the sides. Her gentle, smiling face is entirely gilded and is framed by two large locks of hair; a wide floral band wraps around her head.

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A magnificent collar covers her chest and crossed arms; only her gilded hands are not covered. At her waist is an elegant image of Nut, the goddess of the sky, portrayed in a kneeling pose with her winged arms spread in a protective gesture. Three vertical lines of texts, crossed by horizontal lines representing the linen strips of the mummy, cover her legs. These texts include the names and titles of the deceased, the singer of Amun, Tamutnefret, as well as a simple appeal asking Nut to place her among the eternal stars, a common prayer during this era.

Vertical lines of inscriptions along the outer walls of the coffin frame images of the ibis-headed god Thot, the dog-headed god Anubis, and the four sons of Horus: Imsety with a human head , Duamutef with a dog's head , Hapi with a monkey's head , and Qebehsenuf with a falcon's head. The gilding that covers the visible parts of Tamoutnefret's body, hands, face, and neck, evokes the flesh of the gods. A two-part wooden cover was placed over Tamutnefret's mummy.

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The top section covered the upper part of the body; the bottom section protected the stomach and legs. The face of the deceased is identical to that on the covers, and she is also depicted with her arms crossed over her chest. On this object, however, the soft folds of her flared sleeves are indicated by thin red lines. The bottom section is a good example of an openwork wood design.

A central line of inscriptions under the image of Nut continues all the way to the feet, and is intersected at regular intervals by horizontal bands of writing. Smithsonian Channel.

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