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He is burying his treasure just like the lazy steward. Shame on him! I love Francis but he is up to ''his eyballs' with the clerical sexual abuse. Karen - If the Catholic Church is true, it cannot die. If it is false, why want to change it, when leaving it is so easy. But, the Church is true, and it is still growing, just in different places, according to the Holy Spirit who blows where He wills Jn A very good analysis by Glenn Stanton link below shows all the decline in the polls re Catholics are of those who had already lost their faith a long while ago, and are now just admitting it and identifying themselves more accurately.

Most never had the faith, and those who had a weak practice have just lapsed altogether. True believers are staying that way. As Stanton puts it "Weak Christianity is getting weaker and robust, and orthodox Christianity is getting stronger in terms of adherents, if not by theological maturity. This change is not just in the Catholic Church but also in Orthodox and Protestant denominations.

The obvious conclusion is that every denomination who adopts a liberal or PC policy will disappear, like the parable in the Gospel about seed falling on dry soil.

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Episcopalians are beginning to increase in numbers by the most recent numbers and we are only managing to barely keep the amount of growth which comes from our current birth rate. Much of our youth is already gone and our numbers do not reflect a healthy number of middle aged members. We and the Orthodox churches are losing more young women due to sexism and the Orthodox Church has already started ordaining women deacons in certain of its churches. The Orthodox have even hinted that may not be the plateau for women in the future.

Women priest led parishes do as well as their male equivalent full time led parishes in protestant churches. So your words are not supported by facts.

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  • Jesus would never have supported the discrimination against women in our church - this bias came from the weakness of sinful man choosing to ignore the Holy Spirit in a desire to control women. Nora - you didn't read my references. Also, why didn't you show a reference about the claim that the Episcopalian church is not dying? Because you don't have one. It is disappearing. Similarly, you haven't shown that those who are leaving the Catholic church actually believe what the Church teaches. Because they don't. Just as you don't. The evidence of continued decline of gender confused denominations is everywhere, and even admitted by pro-gay Episcopalians.

    See this March article: "Episcopal Church membership has declined from 3. When you abandoned the teaching of the Catholic Church, you abandoned the teaching of Jesus, who promised us His Church would not teach error. You are left with your own fallible certainties, no different from the Westboro Baptist Church. Rejection of infallible teaching leads to fundamentalism or every stripe.

    In the segregated south, churches were segregated. The overwhelming number of whites wanted it that way. The fact that the majority supported this racism did not make the majority correct. A more recent example is the huge growth of evangelical Protestants who hold many views that do not seem to support Christian positions.

    The fact that so many of these people endorse and support Trump shows the hypocrisy of their Christianity.

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    • Pope Francis tells women religious church cannot alter revelation on women’s diaconate.
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    • Yet, the conservative Protestant churches have numbers going up and the liberal churches, who more closely follow the Sermon on the Mount, have numbers going down. Frankly, I have viewed the explosive growth of these fundamentalist churches more a reflection of a place where people may call themselves Christian, but may ignore so many Christian beliefs. Judith - You are right. The truth is not decided by polls or by numbers of adherents.

      John Cleese on Monty Python and Political Correctness

      Islam, for instance, is no more right just because so many claim that faith. Secularism and homosexualism are no more right just because they might be fashionable. The reason I responded to Nora and others with the decline of liberal denominations was because they were making the numbers argument "the church is dying," etc. The Catholic Church teaches the truth because Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would protect it from teaching error. That said, there is a decidedly anti-natal and anti-human aspect to liberal beliefs contraception, abortion, divorce, feminism, homosexuality They will necessarily have less children and their beliefs are inherently self-centered and ephemeral.

      They can only grow by seduction and that cannot compete with biology in the long run. Tim O'Leary I am amazed at the way some casually dismiss contraception, which is an integral part of health care for women.

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      Abortion, I want to stop abortion but not by making it illegal. Illegalization does nothing but drive women to back alleys where they are severely injured or die, often leaving their other children without a mother. S, money does not go to abortion programs, but only to contraception. Results…abortion numbers go up. When Obama was in office he provided money for contraceptions and the abortion rate went down in those countries.

      If liberals are responsible for abortions in the U. Are women supposed to stay in a marriage where they are often beaten and battered, even if it means her own death, as I once heard a conservative priest repeatedly state. Or stay in a marriage where the children are physically or sexually abused? What is pro-human or moral about that? The right consistently misrepresents what feminism is. It is a simple, but fundamentally American concept. It calls for equality for men and women.

      How does one reject the American value of equality?

      Many, many wars are unjust and anti-human. Yet, I seldom hear conservatives talk about this. In fact, they often oppose government programs that help these children. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed. And why would I think that you don't? Because you don't want any tax money to go there. That's not pro-life. That's pro-birth.


      We need a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro-life is. Judith - you and Sr. Joan are setting up a horrible false choice. The only question is how to do that most efficiently, by taxes, by charity, by other means. Most pro-life people I know favor a government safety net, but there could well be better ways, otherwise Catholic Charities, Birthright and other organizations are wasting their money.

      5 Stupid Things The Church Needs to Stop Doing to Make Progress

      Furthermore, most states seem to prefer abortion over the longer term burden to their systems - "one less mouth to feed" by their metrics. The problem with feminists is that they want the unborn child completely unprotected by the legal system, which is your argument above. It is no solution to boast about wanting a child fed and housed if you don't first protect it from the scalpel and suction pump, or if you leave a born-alive child to die on a metal table, just because it is sick or unwanted.

      And any feminist who does not support making sex-selection abortions illegal is hardly protecting females. I agree with the Church that the actualization of women should not depend on a right to kill. I can work with you on most everything else. As regards divorce, separation is what is needed in a marriage of abuse, and legal divorce if that is the only legal way to get separation.

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      What is demanded by secularists is that vows never be lifelong, even if promised that way. Anyway, your problem here is not with the Catholic Church, but with Jesus, when he rules out divorce that has remarriage Lk 16, Mt For contraception, the Church approves of these drugs if they are necessary for health, just not if the motive is to tear asunder the connection of sexual relations from the procreative end.

      I recommend a re-read of Humanae Vitae, which is the Church's definitive teaching on this. Again, if the Church is wrong about this issue HV , it is not the true Church that the Holy Spirit promised, so, no need to worry what it teaches. As Pope Francis is quoted above: "We are Catholics, but if anyone wants to found another church they are free [to do so]. Not good enough, The church is dying because not enough men want to be priests and deacons.

      I think women can fill both positions. Here's a revelation for the Pope. Jesus didn't choose any Gentile men to be apostles, yet the Council of Jerusalem decided to allow them to be ordained. That seemed pretty easy. As easy as it would be for a modern-day council to allow women to be ordained. What's his email address so I can pass on this wisdom? In my parish we have a Nun who handles the days the Pastor is not there with a Communion Service. Her " homilies " are far superior to the Pastors anyway.